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Let's go together! [entries|friends|calendar]
Pip Bernadotte x Seras Victoria

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[24 Jun 2012|04:42pm]

A quick little fanart that I've recently done -!

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Fanart Post. [09 Oct 2011|05:00pm]

Well it's been awhile but I can't ever hold back my inspiration to draw this pair for very long!

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Happy Valentine's Day! [12 Feb 2011|10:09am]

A little early but I come bearing a few gifts!

This stunning fanart made by quick request (from me to the artist o///o). And this cute one (from a Japanese artist):

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I was thinking in making a fanmix for the pairing. But I don't have graphic skills to do the covers/backcovers. Would anyone volunteer?
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New Member Howdy [04 Feb 2011|12:35pm]


So... I am not new to Hellsing fandom. I remember back when all I had was were DVDs of the TV series and the first two books of the manga. And, I had to walk 12 miles to get those. Up hill, both ways. In a blizzard. But, I live in Canada, so that last bit's not surprising.

I remember when Captain was popularly assumed to be a vampire who would face off with Alucard. When everyone thought that Rip van W. would be a bad ass...

So, yeah... not new to Hellsing.

I am, however, new to actively shipping PxS.

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Fanart dump! [26 Jan 2011|01:53am]

Computer problems, but I'm back with found fanart to share.

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30kisses-Epidemic [01 Nov 2010|05:37pm]

Hi everyone! I took the 30 kisses challenge for Pip and Seras and felt that it would be appropriate to post my first entry here. It was a little rough, so I'ld love to have some constructive criticism. Hopefully, it will get better; I've got some interesting ideas planned.

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Hieros Gamos & Hellsing [06 Sep 2010|02:58pm]


Relevant picture.

I’m really interested if people (other than me) would like to try and analyze some of the stages of Campbell’s hero journey (specifically the meeting the goddess/sacred marriage bit) in relation of the growth of the characters. You can also use Jung’s Anima/Animus projection for this? I think it fits really well.

From Pip's or Seras' POV. Either or.

x-posted with integraxalucard
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Fanart pimp and Doujinshi question! [29 Aug 2010|02:37pm]

Up to the "Noble Vampire" website, there's a new doujin called 「ヒカゲノモリ」 aka "Hikage no Mori", idk about the katakana meaning but if this was in hiragana it would be translated as "The Shadows of the Forest" (alternative translation for those who know the katakana meaning, please correct mine!). This is the gorgeous cover:

It's a PxS and AxI doujin (as if the cover wasn't obvious) I itch to get my hands on. If anyone sees it in EbaY or something, please share the link to bid for it. Or if you manage to buy it, I'd die for scans of this. Please!

Now fanart I found in several Japanese sites:

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Triangular love theory [13 Aug 2010|03:36pm]

Do you know the Triangular Love Theory? I have been trying to apply this to my favorite pairings. This is what I believe was the evolution of Pip and Seras’ relationship.

I think it began as infatuated love, because before they grew close as allies and friends, they had sexual tension between them. There was a sexual allure between them, it was passion they shared (and was displayed in a when a jerk loves a tsundere way). Their bickering is proof of that earlier point in canon. Then strongly solidified into romantic love from Brazil mission to the Mansion attack had them meet and bond in their intimacy. They were comrades-in-arms, extremely close to one another. It wasn’t until they almost died that both were willing to go for commitment, becoming a weird version of consummate love. He was willing to die for her and to be with her as long she exists, so they could fight together. She was willing to do the same him for him. They took a vow (and if you take into account their suilen song, it has marriage-like-symbolism threw in there with a raw, angry passionate way) and joined in the most intimidate way they could have.

Their steps were: passion, bonding, passion again (but positive one), and commitment. An overall perfect couple, even if unconventional one.
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Fanarts [13 Jun 2010|01:14pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I found these four around Japanese sites:

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Discussion! [07 May 2010|03:57pm]

In Hellsing, there's a bit of power-struggles and relationships based on power-differences. In Pip x Seras case, he's her Captain and she's a soldier and subordinate, but despite of this, IMO, they prove they are equals. Even though Seras addresses him sometimes as "Captain/Commander", she also uses "Bernadotte" (let's not forget that the name Pip wasn't mentioned in the manga or the OVA beyond frontpieces and his profile, he's called Bernadotte even among fans in Japan). The level of comfort, the way she cheekily treats him and he treats her back, the whole "combination" and "let's go together". There's also the language they use, it's not really that polite and formal (as Seras uses with Integra or Alucard or Walter, for instance).

Even in the song, Pomegranate, where the singer (symbolizing Seras) says she'll do things for that certain someone, her other half, the auxiliary verb used is one employed not for inferiors or superiors, but your equal, someone with a great familiarity in your inner circle. Like a relative, friend or lover.

What do you think of the Pip/Seras dynamics in their quality of power balance?
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Fanart pimp [16 Apr 2010|02:33pm]

irrel made this gorgeous pic for Hellsingers contest in DA. ♥

Would be members interested in discussion about our beloved characters later?
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Fic: Shout - Close Encounters // PG-13/Teen [05 Apr 2010|05:12pm]

Written for 10_themes
Title: Shout - Close Encounters
Character/Pairing/Group: Pip x Seras
Word Count: 834
Rating: PG-13/T
Summary: "Was he taking advantage of her unstable condition? Or was she abusing his drunken state of mind?" Drinking around starved half-vampires wasn't highly recommended in the Hellsing mansion.
Warning(s): Cursing, violence, mild sexual content.

@ my journal
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Fanart dump [30 Mar 2010|03:28pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Found in Japanese sites.

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Gorgeous love quote that fits PipxSeras [20 Mar 2010|05:53pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I was looking for quotes to add to fanfiction and I came across this one which reminds me a lot to what happened in all Pip's and Seras' battles:

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

Lao Tzu.

What famous quotes remind you to PxS?
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Japanese sites Valentine's Day PxS dump! [15 Feb 2010|12:31am]

I swear I'll write that fic sometime, in the mean time:


Some are NWS ♥
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DA group [11 Feb 2010|03:31pm]


Joiiiin! ♥

I'm going to make a fanart dump with PxS Japanese art for Valentine's Day. But I'll like to see some fanwork in this place. I may write a ficlet to celebrate the date. ;)

Guys write+produce art plz!

P.S. Check our new comm icon. :)
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Official Shirt! [21 Jan 2010|04:29pm]

A PipxSeras shirt!

Official done with the Hirano image. I love the color (to represent Seras, the Hellsing logo on the front and by the side the shadow to signify her growth as vampire). Back are Pip and Seras with "Let's beat bastards together" and lo, the infamous silver teeth is in there. ;)
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柘榴 by suilen [16 Jan 2010|01:26pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

柘榴 (Pomegranate) is the song suilen composed for the Seras-feeding-on-Pip and they fight together scene in the OVA.

This song.

I translated the lyrics with the help of a friend who smoothed my English grammar and helped me to pick the right wording (some words in Japanese mean a lot of things). The song itself is pretty erotic. Like angry, desperate lovemaking which fits the scene like a glove.


I want to cut you in order to ascertain
I want to see
On top of the polished paulownia shelf*
Standing side by side
Do I really inhabit there now?
Does my other half live?

Do I scare you if I hold you down?
I'll do it little by little so,
I'll carve your chest open and
only wish to crawl my tongue over it.

The Outside is like a spellbinding transparent membrane.
The Inside is tinged with the black purple color of passion.
I am a pomegranate that's about to burst.
Let me spill!
Peel me off!
Gathering the Fiber...
I'll unravel for you.
I'll (go) bury for you.
I'll boil for you.

What kind of voice cries in your blood?

I'll turn you liquid. To smear you and to taste you.
I'll mix (us). To stitch and to caress.
(Let's) Entwine together.
Turn you into powder. I paint and lick you.
Turn you into mist. I paint and lick you...

I want to suck you in.**

*In Japan and China, when a girl is born, a tradition is that a paulownia tree must be planted, when she's married, they'll make something of that tree usually a chest or shelf or small furniture. It's linked to a girl's marriage ritual.
** I want to absorb/inhale you in whole as alternatives.


High Resolution covers for OVA 7.

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SerasxPip pic at the OVA credits [25 Dec 2009|04:55pm]

[ mood | jubilant ]

Merry PxS Christmas, everyone. Gman at Call to Arms forums was kind enough to give us a snapshot of the last image with Seras and Pip in the OVA 7 credits.

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