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Pip Bernadotte and Seras Victoria

Pip Bernadotte x Seras Victoria
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Welcome to the community for the lovers of the Pip x Seras pairing of the manga and OVA adaptation Hellsing. Out of the possible shippings in that un-romantic series, this one is the most explicits.

Anything relate to Pip/Seras is encouraged here (fanarts, essays, fanfictions, banners, etc), could be romantic or not.

Don't wank, have fun.

- sir_hellsing, the mod.


Made by chill_shadow, using the cover of Volume 7 and the image of May in the Hellsing 2004 Calendar.


- Color Bars: (promote the community!)

Made by dumspirospero.

PipxSeras is canon love.

Made by hysteriagalore.

PipxSeras is heated arguments love

PipxSeras is dramatic love

Pip and Seras are sweet love

child Pip and Seras are love

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Hellsing belongs to Kouta Hirano.
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